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Job searching. Savoring the best of what the PNW has to offer.

The pandemic has displaced me from my job and life in New York City, and I am currently living back at home with my parents. It's not as bad as it sounds–I've kept myself very busy cycling thousands of miles, hiking hundreds of miles, and baking up a storm (no really, head to my Instagram @lexicon_lexi to see some delicious recipes). 

Originally from Washington State, I'm brushing up on my interest in local history. How much of my town history do I know, and how much of it has been shaped by the elevation of white settler history as the prevailing narrative? How do we further what we already know by including narratives of Indigenous People and People of Color? Their presence deserves room in the historical narrative.

Curriculum Vitae
Conference Papers and Presentations


Orchestrating Resistance: The Jüdischer Kulturbund, 1933-1941. Powell Heller Conference for Holocaust Education, Pacific Lutheran University, Washington.

Research Positions


Legacy Speakers Project Aide
Holocaust Center for Humanity (Seattle, WA), research conducted under Laurie Warshal Cohen, EdD.

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Co-authored Wikipedia page Still Alive (book) about Holocaust survivor Ruth Kluger’s memoir of the same title, 2016. Page can be found here.

About Lexi

Outside of work, Lexi enjoys a swath of activities such as cycling, hiking, and baking. She's trying to read again, despite a massive derailment (i.e. a pandemic). 


MA, Royal Holloway UniversitY

2017-2018|London, UK

Postgraduate degree (master's) in Holocaust Studies. Dissertation supervisor: Simone Gigliotti. Graduated with honors.

BFA, Pacific Lutheran University 

2013-2017|Washington, USA

Bachelor of fine arts in acting/directing and a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Graduated with honors.

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