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Lexi Jason

Holocaust Historian. Educator. Outdoorsy.

My CV can tell you that I hold an MA in Holocaust Studies from the Uni of London and that I've worked at the third largest Holocaust Museum in the world. It's useful in showing where I've been, but can't shed light on my areas of interest or me as a person. So that's what this website is for–welcome!

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I know this is supposed to be an 'about me' section, but you are probably here because you're curious about me as a historian, potential employee, or person. Welcome. I hope you find what you're looking for, but if you don't, contact me via the form below or by clicking this mail icon:  

My areas of research, in no specific order, include survivor testimony, Yiddish theatre, Displaced Persons and postwar reconstruction in Europe, British and American Holocaust Literature, Holocaust museums, Jewish resistance during the Holocaust (especially in regards to artistic expression) and collective Holocaust memory. Living in the UK during my MA programme allowed me to travel extensively throughout Europe and Northern Africa where I was able to visit many sites of atrocity, memory, and Jewish life (past and present).

Curriculum Vitae
Conference Papers and Presentations


Orchestrating Resistance: The Jüdischer Kulturbund, 1933-1941 | Powell Heller Conference for Holocaust Education

Teaching Positions


Visiting Lecturer | Pacific Lutheran University
English 397: The Holocaust in the American Literary Imagination

Research Positions


Legacy Speakers Project Aide | Holocaust Center for Humanity (Seattle, WA)

Research conducted under Laurie Warshal Cohen, EdD.

Related Content

Organized and facilitated the first commemoration of Yom HaShoah at Pacific Lutheran University, spring 2022. The commemoration included testimony from a Holocaust survivor, with a question and answer session open to the attending students, faculty, and community members.

About Lexi
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Originally from Washington State, I'm brushing up on my interest in local history. Over the last year, I've been learning about the history of my hometown, shaping my knowledge with visits to the Tulalip Hibulb Cultural Center and through reading local books by indigenous authors like Salish Myths and Legends: One People's Stories. When I'm not reading, I can be found hiking or road cycling.

MA, Royal Holloway UniversitY

2017-2018 | London, UK

Postgraduate degree (master's) in Holocaust Studies. Dissertation supervisor: Simone Gigliotti. Graduated with honors.

BFA, Pacific Lutheran University 

2013-2017 | Washington, USA

Bachelor of fine arts in acting/directing and a minor in Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Graduated with honors.

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